Red Hook Espresso

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Red Hook Espresso

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The Red Hook Espresso (named for the neighborhood where we roast our coffee in Brooklyn), is our house espresso blend that sits in our hoppers day in and day out. A true classic, this blend offers rich, creamy chocolate notes without compromising any brightness or fruit flavors, even in milk.

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Red Hook Espresso

Origins: Brazil & Guatemala

Producers: Fazenda Palmeiras & Waykan

Process: Semi-Washed

Varietals: Mixed - Bourbon & Typica Group

Elevation: 4500 & 7500 ft

Notes: Cocoa, Dates & Citrus

A year round offering, Red Hook Espresso is our take on the classic espresso profile.

A rich, full-bodied Brazil forms the base from which a bright and complex Guatemalan coffee stands. We aim to elevate this classic formula through the quality of our ingredients.

Red Hook Espresso shines alone, as well as in all the cafe standards, and lends itself well to a wide range of brew ratios.