Nano Genji - Agaro Gera, Ethiopia


Nano Genji - Agaro Gera, Ethiopia


This is a beautiful, floral and bright coffee from the sister station of the world-renowned Nano Challa Washing Station in Gera, Ethiopia. This coffee makes a wonderful, delicate pour over and it also shines as a bright, fruity espresso.

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Nano Genji - Ethiopia

Origin: Agaro, Gera, Ethiopia

Producers: Nano Genji Washing Station

Varietal: Ethiopia Landrace

Process: Fully Washed

Elevation: 7600 ft

Notes: Fruity Sweetness, Floral, Citrusy

Historically one of the most coveted coffees in all of Western Ethiopia, Nano Challa membership did such an amazing job with production and processing that the premiums they were receiving caused their membership to swell to capacity.

This year, they opened Nano Genji a few miles away with brand new Penagos equipment along with dozens of drying beds to accommodate their growing membership. With 630 members between the two washing stations, they’re looking forward to continued growth and success.