Finca El Roblar - Sauza, Huila, Colombia


Finca El Roblar - Sauza, Huila, Colombia


One of the sweetest coffees to ever cross our palates, Finca El Roblar has been impressing us for 2 consecutive harvests and producer German Peña only seems to be getting better at what he’s doing: producing some of the best coffees in Colombia.

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Finca El Roblar

Origin: Sauza, Huila, Colombia

Producer: German Peña

Varietal: Caturra

Processes: Fully Washed, Double Fermentation, Sun Dried

Elevation: 6000 ft

Notes: Sweet & Balanced, Baking Spice, Citrus

Finca El Roblar is a small farm, only four hectares, in the South of Colombia that we have been lucky enough to carry for two consecutive years.

German meticulously separates his lots and delivers only his Caturra to the local cooperative as part of their "premium" program.

The cup quality is a clear reflection of the efforts that German puts into producing his coffees and is one of the best representations of coffee from this region