Degrees North: 7.34 by 2.94


Degrees North: 7.34 by 2.94

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This specialty blend is meant to split the difference between our complex and subtle single origin offerings and our more accessible, balanced house blends. Full bodied and oh so sweet without compromising any of that bright, juicy acidity, we think Degrees North is a home run.

Available in 12 oz bags.

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Degrees North

Origins: Ethiopia & Colombia

Producers: Girma Eshetu Estate & Asociacíon La Victoria

Process: Washed

Varietal: Heirloom & Bourbon and Typica Groups

Elevation: 5600 & 7000 ft

Notes: Bright, Complex & Balanced

The numbers in Degrees North, 7.34° by 2.94° represent the lines of Latitude on which these two coffees were grown.

A break from the traditional blend, Degrees North changes frequently, has no consistent taste profile, and is composed of coffees that could stand alone in our single-origin program.

We often find that some of the best lots that we evaluate, while excellent in their own regard, can complement each other in interesting ways. So rather than make a blend in which components fade into the background, we’ve blended these coffees in order to highlight their unique strengths.