La Perla Negra, Finca Calle Liles - Costa Rica


La Perla Negra, Finca Calle Liles - Costa Rica


This naturally processed coffee comes to us from the esteemed Las Lajas Micromill in the central valley of Costa Rica. Its winey body and complex fruit flavors make it a wonderful and delicate coffee as filter or espresso.

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Finca Calle Liles, La Perla Negra

Origin: Sabanilla de Alajuela, Central Valley, Costa Rica

Producer: Las Lajas Micromill, Oscar and Francisa Chacon

Process: Natural

Varietal: Caturra, Catuai & Villa Sarchi

Elevation: 4700 ft

Notes: Ripe Fruits, Candy Sweetness & Aged Liquor

Oscar and Francisca Chacon of Las Lajas Micromill are third-generation coffee producers who are committed to quality and innovation, and are probably best known for being among the first to produce Honey and Natural coffees in Costa Rica in the 2000s.

For the Perla Negra, a proprietary natural process, coffee dries directly in the sun for 10 days, rotating constantly, then is transferred to bags and left for 2–3 days before finishing on raised beds.